Wednesday, July 18, 2018

17 Aug

Beautiful Autumn Bedding – Primrose & Polyanthus!

This Autumn we have a fantastic range of new bediding plants and all your old favourites. Below are a selection of our Primrose and Polyanthus bedding plants. Polyanthus and Primrose varities are extremely reliable for winter colour and both offer stunning varities.

Primrose and Polyanthus thrive in any moist garden soil containing organic matter, make sure they are planted in partial shade.

We offer bedding plants in small, medium or large and the following quantities -

  • 100 small plugs + 60 FREE
  • 70 small plugs + 35 FREE
  • 50 medium plugs + 20 FREE
  • 30 medium plugs +15 FREE
  • 28 large plants

Primrose Rainbow - A hardy outdoor Primrose bred specifically for the UK Climate! Large flowers come to you in a dazzling mix of colours that sit nicely above the foliage. This Primrose will flower from Late Winter to Late Spring.

Primula Auricula Rainbow – An old, established favourite. These fully frost hardy Primulas are usually found growing in the Alps but can now be in your garden creating a colourful show of apricots, pinks and yellows. This unusual Primula will flower in Early Spring.

Primrose Sunarise – This beautiful mix of bright glowing, bicolours will rally brighten up your winter show. Unique colours of peach, gold and cerise with uniform flowering, karge flowers and compact habit. Primrose Sunrise will flower from Late Winter to early Spring.

Polyanthus Red Ribbon - These fully frost hardy plants are perfect for adding that splash of colour into your garden borders. This bold Polyanthus will flower from late winter to early spring.

Polyanthus Gold Lace – With a beautiful mix of reds, scarlets and black these large flowered plants are a new improved variety of an old favourite. Polyanthus Gold Lace will flower from Late winter to Spring.

Polyanthus Spectrum – The best Polyanthus mix ever! Fully hardy, free flowering, scented and suitable for any garden with a range of subtle and vibrant colours carefully selected to make your garden zing with colour from late Winter to Spring. This bright Polyanthus will flower from February to May.

To view our full range of bedding plants, click here!


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