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20 Aug

Fantastic Autumn Bedding – Pansies & Violas!

We have brand new bedding plants this month including a brilliant collection of Pansies and Violas, two of our customer’s favourite bedding plant varities. The line between Violas and Pansies isn’t always the clearest but i’m sure we all agree they are equally as beautiful!

Pansies and Violas thrive in any moist soil in either full sun or partial shade.

We offer bedding plants in small, medium or large and the following quantities -

  • 100 small plugs + 60 FREE
  • 70 small plugs + 35 FREE
  • 50 medium plugs + 20 FREE
  • 30 medium plugs +15 FREE
  • 28 large plants

Pansy Golden Flambe – These pansies with their beautiful subtle shades of red, gold, salmon and terracotta will bring a sense of warth to your display this winter. Excellent winter performance will ensure a longer show. Pansy Golden Flambe will flower from Autumn through to Spring.

Pansy Aquarelle – make your garden a work of art this winter! The watercolourist’s palette of pretty pastel pinks, creams and purple make this Pansy perfect for your window boxes, pots and borders. This wonderful Pansy flowers from Autumn through to Spring.

Pansy Purple and Orange – One of the most stroking and dramatic bicolour Pansies for late winter and spring interest. Looks particularly good in containers. This Pansy will flower from February to June.

Pansy Sherbet Dib Dab – These zingy Pansies with tricolours of cream, rose and red reatin their large flower size throughout the season. Perfect for pots and borders these plants willl spice up the winter. This colourful Pansy will flower from Autumn to Spring.

Viola Ochre Trailing – A perfect choice for hanging baskets, pots or window boxes! This unique scented Viola produces masses of fainty little flowers in a rich mix of lilacs, purples, yellowes and blues. This Viola will flower from Autumn to Spring.

Viola Colourburst – This Viola not only benefits from beautiful flowers but has added F1 vigour, so you’ll enjoy more flowers per plant! Extremely uniform in habit and a delightful miz of small, colourful flowers. Viola Colourburt will flower from Autumn to Spring.

Viola Scentsation – As the name suggests, in addition to the fantastic array of bright yellow flowers this cheery viola produces it also has a wonderful scent! This scented Viola will flower from Autumn to Spring.

Viola Valentino – A bright harlequin style mix of colours that will produce huge numbers of flowers on well branced, mounding plants. This true Viola has a good tolerance for both heat and cold making it a brilliant performer for the whole season. This bright Viola will flower from Autumn to Spring.

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