Wednesday, July 18, 2018

08 Mar

Is there hope?

Last weekend, I was just about ready to throw in the towel. I had a window of opportunity on Sunday afternoon and thought I would do some more mulching. After two barrowloads the snow started to come down thick and fast and the elements got the better of me. I retreated inside wondering if the weather would ever be warm enough to garden again. This week to cold has continued and every night bar one the temp has dropped below freezing. I know this not from any snazzy max and min thermometer, but from the state of the chickens water when I let them out in the morning. It is getting beyond a joke.
However, Saturday provided a much needed window of hope. The sun shone and by the afternoon the frost had melted, and it felt almost like Spring. I spent a happy hour in the garden tidying up dead perennials and making way for the emerging bulbs. The snowdrops are now in full bloom and the narcissi bulbs that I planted in the Autumn are just about poking up through the soil, a pleasant reward for all the hours spent on hands and knees in September. The garden was very quiet and had that air of peaceful expectancy that you only get on sunny Spring days. The other positive sign is that the dog mooches between the sunny spots in the house, only present now that the sun is a bit higher in the sky. All in all, just about enough to get me through the continuing cold in the assurance that one day it will be warm!


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