Wednesday, July 18, 2018

23 Sep

Spring Flowering Bulbs Despatching Now!

We have a brilliant collection of of bulbs, tubers and corms for spring and summer flowering plants.  Bringing delight to your garden year after year, bulbs are a brilliant way to bring colour to your garden.  We have something for every season.  You’ll never regret planting bulbs in your garden! Don’t forget you can double up for just 50%!

Take a look at our fantastic selection of Daffodils-

Daffodil Tete a Tete - This free flowering dwarf variety of daffodil is ideal for garden containers or pots, but can also be grown indoors.

Daffodil Dwarf Collection -  An excellent collection of dwarf varieties, ideal for containers and window boxes, and can be grown indoors.

Daffodil Double Mix - A gorgeous double-flowering Daffodil with attractive complimentary coloured cups.

Daffodil New Baby - Each stem of this charming dwarf daffodil will produce a cluster of star-shaped blooms. Flowers change colour as they mature.

Our beautiful collection of Crocus bulbs - 

Spring Flowering Crocus Collection - Best planted in groups in beds, rock gardens or in the lawn for a spectacular early spring display.

Large Flowering Crocus - These large flowering Crocus will continue to divide year after year, to produce a larger display, even more full of colour. Plant en mass for the best effect.

Fantastic Value Tulips - 

Tulip Flame Mix in Barrel Planter - These brightly coloured, double flowered dwarf Tulips are ideal for use in or outdoors.

Tulip Rembrant - Named for the Dutch artist due to their distinctive splashes of colour, the flowers of Tulip Rembrandt look as though the colours have been expertly painted on. Perfect for cut flowers.

Tulip Red Riding Hood - The bright colours and good sized flower heads will create a superb display in your borders and containers.

Tulip Prinses Irene - This variety holds the Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious Award of Garden Merit for outstanding excellence. A superb, eye-catching colour, and very simple to grow.

Colourful Hyacinths -

Hyacinth - These scented Hyacinths are an outdoor garden variety in a stunning range of whites, pinks, blues, lilacs and reds.

Hyacinth Pink Pearl in Barrel - These pink Hyacinths are wonderfully fragrant, and all you need for a vibrant, colourful display on the patio, in your garden, or outside your front door.

And many more!

English Bluebells – Bring the air of a traditional English woodland to your garden with these Bluebells, ideal for a natural garden.

Hardy Cyclamen Neapolitanum – This excellent hardy variety is perfect for planting in a natural setting, and will naturally increase year after year. A wonderfully fragrant variety.

Dutch Iris Collection - A gorgeous collection of Dutch Iris in blues, yellows and purples, that make for superb cut flowers, and can often produce secondary blooms.

Anemone Blanda - This traditional favourite, ideal for containers, will be enough to brighten up any garden.

Snowdrops - These Snowdrops will look gorgeous in your garden, really letting you know that spring has arrived. Ideal for a natural looking garden.

Bearded Iris (Iris Germanica) - Iris Germanica, or Bearded Iris, are simple to grow, hardy and drought resistant. They offer fantastic value, as they will readily multiply, flowering in the Spring and early Summer, and some even following with a subsequent blooming in the Autumn. They will create a fantastic eye-catching garden display, and are much loved by flower arrangers.

Allium Fireworks Mix - When in bloom, the remarkable flowers of this Allium mix resemble a miniature firework display. Varieties include Carinatum, Album and Flavum. Also ideal for use as cut flowers.

Spring Bulb Collection - A beautiful mix of our favourite spring bulbs, perfect for planting in beds, under trees or in containers.

Let us know what your favourite summer bulbs are by commenting below!



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