Wednesday, July 18, 2018

30 Jun

Bountiful harvest

Thank heavens for the poly tunnel. I don’t know what people are harvesting further south, but up here, we area having regular meals form the sugar peas and still lots of lettuce. Added to this, I am picking daily bunches of sweet peas and snap dragons – all from inside the tunnel. The dwarf french beans look like they are just about ready too, so it is all very exciting. Outside in the veg patch, there is still a long way to go and the potatoes will still be a couple of weeks off eating, I think.

The pots outside the back door are benefiting from all the lovely weather that we have been having and are beginning to fill out. I think next year the answer is to plant them up inside the tunnel, so they have a proper head start when the frosts are finally over – I assume this is what the do with all the municipal baskets and window boxes that I eye up with envy.

My dahlias are looking fantastic – again the ones inside are about a foot taller than those out, but I have taken he precaution of staking them all up to protect against the winds – I am harbouring some hope that they may yet be prize-winning ?
Sorry not to include photos this week – the camera is playing up, so I will try and fix it for next weeks instalment.


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