Friday, June 22, 2018

25 Nov

A Final Check For Your November Garden!

Autumn, with falling leaves and sprouting fungi is a month where maintenance seems to take over in the garden. It is important to keep on top of things this time of year to ensure you aren’t inundated with jobs next spring.
As we close in on Christmas gardening might be the last thing on your mind. If you are planning to lay down your tools until the new year take a look at our final checklist below. Follow our simple guide to ensure your garden can survive the next few months without you!
Planting & Harvesting
  • Plant hardy Shallots
  • Brighten up your front door by planting winter containers full of winter-flowering plants!
  • Plant Wallflowers, pansies, forget-me-nots and other spring flowers ready for a fantastic display next season
  • Plant bulbs in empty pots. This time of year summer plants will have died back and left you with bare pots, fill them with bulbs ready to flourish in spring
  • Order bare root roses for planting during the winter
  • Prepare sites for planting hedges, trees and shrubs
  • Start lifting parsnips now
  • Plant out garlic modules


  • Clear away old summer bedding
  • Cover your garden berries to stop the birds eating them before you use them in your Christmas displays
  • Spread a deep mulch over your plants for nutrients and winter protection
  • Remove all remaining plant debris from the vegetable plot. Do not compost any diseased material
  • Strip ivy from trees – small leaved ivy make an attractive hedging plant but can stifle tree if left unpruned.
  • Remove all remaining plant debris from the vegetable plot. Do not compost any diseased material
  • Try taking hardwood cuttings from the current year’s growth of deciduous shrubs
  • Place bricks under pots to prevent water logging and prepare your garden for winter – use fleece or bring your plants inside to help them survive the cold weather

Let us know what you are doing in your garden this month by commenting below!



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