Friday, June 22, 2018

05 Nov

Garden Pests – Stop Slugs and Snails Eating Your Plants!

With such a wet summer, slug numbers have increased and that means your winter garden can expect to be chomped if you don’t start preventive methods now. Snails and slugs are able to survive the cold by finding sheltered spots and remaining dormant until the weather gets warmer. Slugs and snails are sneaky creatures which often hide during the daytime and thrive at night when the conditions are cool and moist.

10 ways to prevent slugs and snails…

  1. Grow plants you’re willing to sacrifice. Drawing slugs and snails away from your more vulnerable plants can be difficult, growing plants like lettuce and marigolds will distract
  2. Collect citrus skins and scatter them near your plants to distract slugs and snails. You’ll see them feeding on the skins in the day, giving you a chance to remove them by hand.
  3. Draw the slugs away from your plants with beer, put some in a jar buried into the ground as a trap for slugs.
  4. Surrounding plants with hair from hairdressers or pets will deter pests. Slugs and snails will crawl over the hair making it uncomfortable for them to continue.
  5. Create habitats for slug predators. Encouraging hedgehogs and toads will decrease the number of pests in your garden. A shady damp area for toads and log piles for hedgehogs are perfect.
  6. Scatter wood ash around your plants. This acts as a barrier and strengthens foliage, making it less palatable to snails and slugs.
  7. Create copper barriers. Copper creates an electrical charge that will deter slugs and snails. Use it around the rim of your pot plants or at the base of bedding plants.
  8. Coffee grounds scattered over your soil will also put off slugs and snails and won’t stand out against your garden. Eggshells do a similar job.
  9. Fork soil to expose the eggs of slugs and snails to your garden birds. This will be beneficial to your garden and local wildlife.
If natural barriers aren’t enough, there are biological controls available. You can also try planting slug and snail resistant plants if your pest problem continues. If you have any more preventive methods to share with us and fellow gardeners please let us know by commenting below!


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