Friday, June 22, 2018

12 Nov

Grow Your Own Evergreen Border!

Evergreen plants are usually the backbone of every garden, providing year long interest and the perfect backdrop for colourful flowers. Evergreens are also perfect if you are short for space, they won’t need replacing so your garden will never have a dull moment!

Without Evergreen plants our gardens would look bare and twiggy during much of the year. Evergreens add volume and structure to borders and add interest throughout the winter. They also don’t need much maintenance, making the perfect addition to a busy home.

Decide whether you want your border to be completely made up of evergreens, or to have evergreens mixed into your border with other plants. It can be difficult to successfully mix evergreens and other plants together. Consider first how the placement of your evergreens will work in multiple seasons.

The best ratio if you are planning to mix evergreens with other plants is to have just enough evergreens to keep your garden looking bright in winter, but not so much that your other plants are overshadowed.

Start by choosing your Evergreens, try to contrast the colour, height and texture for an interesting display. Try plants such as Ceanothus, Choisya, Prunus Lusitanica or Euonymus. Make sure your soil is in good condition, add lots of organic matter but avoid mushroom compost because Evergreens dislike alkaline soil.

This border plan can easily be applied to a smaller garden. If you already have an Evergreen to use as a focal point, it’s even easier! Simply reduce quantities of the plants listed above in mass for the larger design above.

Also consider the shape you want your evergreens to be. Evergreens can be made into multiple shapes such as mounds, triangles and spikes.

When planting Evergreens chat to your neighbours or have a look around your local area or garden centre to see which Evergreens grow best. You have a lot of leeway when it comes to planting Evergreens. Plant them in the fall or late in spring, avoid planting them when it’s hot. Hold off until the weather becomes cooler for best results.

Keep on top of your border throughout the year. Evergreen plants will look their best during the next few months and no maintenance is required. In spring new Evergreens should be planted as early as possible. The same applies if you move any of your Evergreens. In summer water your Evergreens until they are fully established.



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