Wednesday, July 18, 2018

15 Oct

Time to Prune Young Trees and Shrubs!

Plants will have begun the process of shutting down for the winter this month. Many shrubs and trees will take on beautiful firey colours while perennials beging to die down. Trees and shrubs will enter the process of preparing for spring, anything that dies down will be used as fuel to grow again next season, while toxins are shed along with their leaves.

Its one of the best times to prune, just because your trees and shrubs are taking a rest, doesn’t mean you can too! Intervention now, especially with young woody plants will give you a great advantage in the long run. Branches and stems have had a full season to ripen and sap is no longer rising so theres no chance of your deciduous shrubs ‘bleeding’ to death.

Young Trees 

You often see mature trees with serious structural problems. These problems could easily have been solved when the trees were young, so don’t forget to prune! Pruning out immature stems is much less invasive then removing substantial branches from a mature tree.

With young trees its a good idea to prune quite early in autumn before the plant has shed all its leaves as the leaves can be a helpful guide on where to cut. Leave a short stub where the stem sprouts from the trunk, this smaller wound will take less time to heal. Remove the short stub a season or two later when the trunk has healed behind it.

New Shrubs

The thought of reducing your shrubs to about a third of its size can seem terrifying and a waste of money. It is in fact extremely beneficial. The best way to secure your investment is to prune it at the time of planting.

While a newly bought shrub might have a metre of growth, the root growth may be no bigger than the size of the bucket it came in. To make keep your shrub stable, keep the same basic shape but reduce by about a third. This will also prevent wind rock which can damage the plant before it has a chance to flourish next season.

While most young trees and shrubs can be pruned, evergreens and plants that flower on the previous season’s wood should remain un-pruned for now.



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