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02 Aug

What to do in your August Garden!

Sowing and Planting…

In your August garden many of your plants will have already flowered while others are being planted to provide winter colour. It’s the perfect time to be going on holiday but make sure a friend or neighbour is around to carry on watering!

This month there’s plenty to plant and sow. Perennial seeds can be planted this time of year so look for a dependable lot of Foxgloves, Lupins and Achilleas to sow. Use a cloche or cold frame to protect your young seedlings but don’t worry about growing them in a greenhouse.  

Brighten up fading borders with established perennials if seeds aren’t for you. Echinacea Purpurea is a beautiful coneflower which butterflies and bees love. Their pincushion centres will still exist long after the petals fade so keep them for late autumn interest.

Now is the time to repeat sow your vegetable patch. Kale, salads and spring onions can flourish now or earlier in the year. Extend your growing season by planting kitchen salads like Pak Choi and Radicchio. They are easy to grow and can flourish even on a windowsill!

It’s also a good idea to order and plant your winter potato seeds ready to be harvested at Christmas time. Try well known favourites such as Charlotte, Maris Peer or Red Duke of York. 


Pruning is the first on your maintenance list this month.  Trim and shape dicidious hedges such as beach or hornbeam, they will still be in leaf but won’t be growing so fast. Hawthorn, blackhorn and hazel are brilliant sources of food for local wildlife so should be left at this time of year. Trim these hedges later in winter to prevent disturbing bird nests!

Lawn maintenance is also important this time of year. Winter weather can really make your lawn look dull so prepare it before by mowing and re-seeding any bare patches. Watering your lawn and the rest of your garden is extremely important this time of year. August can have varied weather with the possibility of being extremely hot. Water your garden early in the morning so it retains moisture throughout the day.

Be a savvy seed saver by collecting from your plants when they run to seed. It’s a brilliant way to save money on next year’s plants and has brilliant social aspects. Seed swaps are popular amongst gardeners so why not try to organise one on your street or amongst a group of friends!


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