Friday, June 22, 2018

19 Dec

Are you Worried About Snow Damaging your Garden?

Snow is normally welcomed with excitement this time of year, but if the snow in your area just keeps on coming, it can cause a whole host of day to day issues, including damage to your garden.

Natural snow cover can at times be beneficial to your plants, it acts as an insulator and will give dry winter plants a much needed dose of water. This doesn’t mean that snow should purposefully be put on your plants, shovelled snow is a lot thicker and takes longer to melt because its not gradually covering your plants.

Tender branches may become weighed down and eventually break but there isn’t much you can do about this unless you want to keep removing snow gently. You must sweep snow off using a broom or your hands.  Make sure that your shrubs aren’t likely to be covered with snow falling from your roof. You could create a semi-permanent wooden frame over your shrubs to prevent any damage.

Try these easy prevention methods to limit other kinds of damage:

  • Cover sun-facing plants with black liner to block out the morning rays causing them to defrost too quickly.
  • Cut back frost damaged growth in spring to encourage new growth.
  • When the snow passes, dig up tender small plants and place them in a greenhouse or sheltered, warmer area.
  • Avoid walking on snow covered grass which can encourage fungal diseases to ruin your lawn.

Give your plants the chance to recover and grow new shoots before you do anything drastic!

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