Friday, June 22, 2018

10 Oct

Don’t Forget Feed the Birds Day!

Don’t miss out on this year’s ‘Feed the Birds day’!

As summer’s bounty deminishes and winter takes hold, birds will find it harder to feed themselves. Take action by filling your bird tables and feeders with goodies to help your garden friends.

On the 30th of October we’ll be celebrating Feed the Birds day. It’s your chance to help birds and other garden wildlife through the winter months. There are lots of events in aid of Feed the Birds day this October across the UK, so get involved!
You can feed your garden birds anything from porridge oats and cake crumbs to fruit, pasta and rice. The RSPB offer fantastic advice and ideas to get the whole family involved. Why not try to make ‘Nutty Cakes’ with your children and grandchildren, take a look at the recipe below -You will need the following -

  • One box of animal suet
  • One jar of reduced salt crunchy peanut butter
  • Three handfuls of porridge oats
  • Two handfuls of crushed cornflakes
  • One handful of plain flour
  • Two handfuls of bird seed
  • Small handful of dried fruit
What to do -
  1. Melt the suet and peanut butter in a large pan
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients one at a time and mix thoroughly
  3. Put mixture into bun cases and pop them into the freezer
  4. Take out when needed
If you simply want to order bird food in time, take a look at our wide range of bird feed and bird care accessories!
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If you aren’t sure how you can help try some of the tips below;

  • Give your bird feeders a good clean with hot water and a scrubbing brush. It’s vital to keep your bird feeders clean to stop any diseases spreading amongst your beautiful garden birds.
  • Keep water available at all times near feeders or on your bird table. Bird’s need it for drinking and to keep their wings in good condition.
  • Avoid feeding your birds anything unhealthy, even bread can be a disaster! Let them instead feast on healthyfood such as fruit, nuts berries and insects.  Try one of our great bird seed mixes.
  • Birds need to rest like any other creature; some native plants such as blackthorn, hawthorn or honeysuckle
    provide shelter and food. You can help them out by providing them the opportunity to rest and roost in scrub, trees or a bird box.
The RSPB website will have further information, click here to take a look!


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