Sunday, May 27, 2018

28 Jun

A relaxing week

After all the hard work that has gone into looking after my plug plants I am really now beginning to reap the benefits and finally admire the view without having any twinges to ‘pot that’ or ‘snip this’. 

I have been able to sit in the garden this week and I have had some lovely comments from friends about how colourful my garden looks. Not all the flowers are out yet but there is certainly a lot of colour in the garden. The Petunias and Big Begonia amaze me everyday, both plants are huge!


I’ve mainly potted up my plants in containers on their own rather than experimenting and being creative with different textures and colours.

Begonia Devil Red & Dahlia
Begonia Devil Red & Dahlia

I put the Begonia Devil Red in my window box with the Petunia Harmony and now really wish that I hadn’t. The poor Begonias are really competing for space with the Petunia Harmony and are failing miserably. It seems such a shame and maybe a trailing plant would have been a better option.


Petunia Harmony & Begonia Devil Red

Petunia Harmony & Begonia Devil Red

Being a first timer at this I wasn’t expecting the Petunias to become so big and completely overshadow the Begonia Devil Red. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and a mistake that I’ll not make next year. What would be really helpful for newbies like me is a ‘window box recipe’ if such a thing exists. To make the most of my plants and to make the best displays it would be great to have some advice as to which plants work well together and how to position them correctly in the window box.


Am I the only one who hasn’t got a clue when it comes to knowing what plants would complement each other and work well together in a window box without competing for space?

I absolutely love the Petunia’s and will definitely use them again as I have been amazed at their size and ease to grow, but next year I want to go one step further and have a collection of plants in the window boxes as opposed to just two plants. As I have had so much success in growing my plug plants this year I am now feeling more confident about experimenting in displaying these beautiful plants.


I have a year to work out what combinations will work together, and am almost tempted to knock on people’s doors and ask them what plants they have put together when I see window boxes that work really well.


On a final note; week three of my ‘natural slug defence system’ and I am still astounded at the results. Not a single slug on my begonias, petunias or dahlias!




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