Saturday, May 26, 2018

20 Apr

An array of colour

Geranium Atlantic Burgundy

My daughter and I spent an enjoyable few hours this weekend in the garden planting out our plug plants and are now looking forward to seeing them flourish in the coming months. My daughter is obsessed with watering the plants in this unseasonal warm weather, going out first thing and last thing to give the plants their drink. I’ve also caught her talking to them and she is even giving the plants her own unique names.

I’ve selected plants that offer several months of colour with strong bold colours as the theme as the garden we inherited has very little planting and I  want to create an impact in the garden this summer.  

Gaillardia Messa Yellow

Among my favourites are the Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry, Glowing Ember, Gaillardia Messa Yellow and the unusual geranium Atlantic Burgundy.

Begonia Glowing Embers

We have an area in the garden which is in partial shade and I am hoping that the Coleus Wizzard will bring added interest with their striking foliage.

Coleus Wizzard

The basil seeds we planted the other week have now started sprouting much to the delight of both children. For children there is still something quiet magical about seeing a seed grow into a seedling.

Now time to relax with a glass of something chilled and to sit back and admire our work.


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