Sunday, May 27, 2018

25 Oct

Another glorious Sunday in the garden

The weather has been kind of strange here in the Home Counties, one minute glorious sunshine and the next a shower of rain. I knew I had loads to do in the garden today so gaining an extra hour was a real benefit despite the shower bursts.


All the plug plants are now planted in the garden and all the summer bedding is in the compost bin. Unfortunately I had to re-plant some of the fox gloves due to my cat digging them up during the week, I just hope that they haven’t suffered too much.


I received my Trailing Viola Friolina Collection this week and planted them straight into my new Easi Plant Hanging Basket. This has got to be the easiest planting I have ever done! 6 of the plugs went into the side panels and four went in at the top. I’m now looking forward to the cascading colour that I hope comes from this.Easi Plant Hanging Basket


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