Saturday, May 26, 2018

04 Aug

Autumn planting part II


It has been a couple of days since I picked up my Gardening Direct catalogue and yet again I am tempted by everything and have started thumbing through the catalogue again and adding things to the list of ‘would likes’.


I love the colours of both the Primrose Alaska Fire Glow Mix and the Polyanthus Prince Regent Mix. To add a burst of colour after the winter months the Pastel Patchwork Wallflower also looks very intriguing with its different coloured flowers on each stem.


Their perennial collection also seems to be very broad and the white flowers of the Iberis Tahoe look lovely and the brochure says that it goes w

ell with the Aubrietia Deep Purple ‘Audelpur’ which means that I will have to put these plugs on my tick list too.

Impatien Optima Mix
Impatien Optima Mix



Turning over the page of the catalogue and the Gaillardia Goblin seems to jump out at me with its gorgeous bright orange flowers. I am also quite taken with the Eryngium Planum Blue Hobbit with its blue cone flowers (I think the image on the Gardening Direct website shows off the flowers better than the image in the catalogue).  According to the website the Blue Hobbit works well with the Primrose Alaska Fire Glow Mix which is good as this is already on my favourites list.




Tulips are my favourite flower and I love having them in a vase in the house, however, I have never grown them in the garden. Maybe this year will be my first attempt.  I would happily grow every single type of tulip if I had the space. However the Tulip Ice Cream has really caught my eye, the catalogue says that this is a rare and unusual variety so this might have to be my one extravagance for the Autumn.

Happy Face
Happy Face


The last time I tried to grow a Lily the slugs got to it before it even flowered, but now as I seem to successfully be working with the slugs rather than against them I may try my luck at lilies again with the new Oriental Lily Pastel Mix.


And finally before I close the catalogue my final choice to my ever-growing wish list has to be a Hyacinth, in particular the City of Haarlam.


I have added some more pictures taken from my garden at the weekend to show you how good everything is still looking!




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