Sunday, May 27, 2018

01 Aug

Autumn planting thinking


Having been so impressed with the results of using plug plants for the first time this summer I am now starting to think about next Spring.


Apart from a few sporadically planted daffodils, my garden has never shown any colour between summers. With my new found confidence (thanks to the ease of growing plug plants) I am hoping to start the floral show a lot earlier in the year.


My Autumn catalogue has just come though in the post and I am eager to try out more plug plants. I am not a big fan of pansies but I do like the look of the Pansy Padparadja with its large orange petals. The Pansy Spring Dawn also caught my eye with flowers in white, pale blue and soft pink which is new and exclusive to Gardening Direct.


I have never planted Viola’s before but am intrigued by the write up in the brochure for the Viola Callisto Denim with its colour changing flowers. The Viola Fuji Dawn also looks unusual with this time the leaves changing colour, going from pink to green to white and then back to green. The Viola Valentino looks like the perfect compact variety for containers and small borders. 


And back to are a few pictures of how well my summer planting is going.


Big Begonia

Big Begonia

Apricot Illumination

Apricot Illumination


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