Sunday, May 27, 2018

12 Aug

Beans & Peppers


I have a confession to make, I don’t know how it happened but somehow I have managed to kill my runner bean plant! Luckily the one that I grew from seed but neglected terribly when my Gardening Direct bean plant arrived is thriving and has started producing its first crop. Does this mean that the TLC I give to my plants is sometimes too much for them to cope with or is it that certain vegetables are actually easier to grow than I anticipated and slight neglect is the best policy?

As for my pepper plants, any advice as to whether it is best to leave them to their own devices or throw oodles of care on them would be gratefully received. At the moment the two plants are growing and looking reasonably ok with some very small peppers emerging but I was expecting them to be much bushier and healthier looking by now. I planted them in a growbag in a reasonably sunny spot and have been feeding them every other week with a general plant feeder that says is suitable for vegetables.

The picture hasn’t come out too well of the peppers but hopefully it will give a general idea of what I am trying to explain.

Lucky for me Gardener in the West is going to give some tips on looking after peppers and chillies next week!


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