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11 Sep

Bee Friendly Plants part II


I have just finished reading an article in the paper that stated a staggering third of all honeybees were lost last winter. I was amazed at this figure, and am now even more determined to ensure that my garden is full of late flowering plants for the autumn months ahead and that I do my bit to reduce this number. This is especially true if I want to continue with my new found passion for growing my own veg, as without any bees none of my flowers, fruit or vegetables will get pollinated.


In my last blog I listed some of the bee loving plants that Gardening Direct have. With the help of I have some more plants to add to that list.


Trailing Mimulus – golden flowers ideal for hanging baskets and pots.

Sweet William Mix – scented traditional cottage plantsweet-william-mix

Aubrietia Deep purple Audelphur – perennial ideal for borders, beds, pots and rockeries

Gaillardia Goblin – rich scarlet and hot yellow flowers


Doronicum Little Leo – perennial with orange daisy flowers

Lupin Russell Hybrids Bands of Nobles – cottage garden favourite

Lavender plants – Elegance Purple and Elegance Ice

Echinacea Purpurea Deep Rose – self supporting vigorous grower


Verbascum Southern Charm – a perennial that will flower in the first year and every year


More plants in my next blog.


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  1. Erika on Sat, 19th Jun 2010 7:33 am 

    Flower Identification
    In addition to gorgeous Aubrieta (learned that name from your picture, I found out the German name for them: Bartnelken), which we seeded last year from a wildflower seedmix but which only started blooming this year,
    the same happened to some gorgeous gold flowers, of which I have good photos. So far I have not yet found a picture for this flower. Some European friends thought they were “Pantoffelblumen” (Houseshoe flowers), but I remember “Pantoffelblumen” as very different. Do you know of a site where I could submit a photo for identification?
    My flower photos are sought after, and a well-known newspaper has printed some of my photos, but not this one. Maybe I should submit that to the Gardening Section of our paper. Somebody there might know what it is. I only just now got this idea. I for a while thought my flowers might be Levkojen,but I have not yet found a photo for those. Also, I think Levkojen have a fragrance. These don’t.
    Last year from this same seed package, which we don’t have anymore, I got Forget-me-nots and the most outstanding wild delphiniums, a few of which came back this year, probably through self-sowing. Also the light-blue Forget-Me-Nots came back, just a few of them. We can’t remember which seed company this mix came from – simply outstanding.
    We live in Zone 4.

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