Saturday, May 26, 2018

07 Sep

Bee friendly plants

This weekend I picked my first pepper, my first tomatoes and numerous strawberries – that’s the packed lunch sorted for Thomas tomorrow!


peppers & tomatoes

peppers & tomatoes

I am not liking this Autumnal feel in the air I have to admit but am looking forward to planning the garden over the next few months. My garden has looked beautiful all through the summer, and I have had so many comments from friends on how colourful it has been, and still is.


The wildlife that has entered my garden over the summer has also been encouraging considering the decline in wildlife that I keep hearing about. We have seen lots of butterflies and bees in the garden and I have spoken to the experts at BeeCraft at how I can encourage more bees into my garden. Keen to develop more of a wildlife garden, have helped me in selecting bee friendly plants from the Gardening Direct catalogue. Some of the plug plants and bulbs that I have ordered for my garden that will encourage more bees into my garden are Anemone Blanda Mix, English Blue Bells, Wallflower and Lavender plant Elegance Ice. It is so easy sitting back ordering these plants online that I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago!


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