Sunday, May 27, 2018

11 Jul

Bees and strawberries

I am very pleased with the amount of wildlife I have visiting my garden this year. Of course I have the nuisance visitors that we all would rather not have, but despite eating my marigolds to an inch of their lives a quick relocation seems to have brought them back from the brink.

The bees have been plentiful, buzzing around the petunias and lavender is a very welcome sight.

My daughter was very impressed with our first crop of strawberries, and as usual I didn’t get a single taste.

I have just received my autumn catalogue and have enjoyed sitting in the garden mulling over the new varities and choosing what to have in the garden next spring. The new layout has made it so easy to work out what will work in my borders. The pansy mystic strawberry is definately on my list as are the snapdragon magic lanterns.


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