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30 Oct

Bird food

I have been making bird cakes with the children using bird seed, raisins, lard, empty yoghurt cartons and some string to hang them up from the trees. My son was really not interested in this project as he couldn’t lick the spoon after the stirring so I ended up filling up all 10 pots on my own. I followed the advice on the RSPB website for making the cakes and used birdseed from Garden Bird Supplies.


Having a look round the garden I am really pleased to see that the raspberries are settling in well, as are the primroses and the Iberis Tahoe. There is only one plant that I do not seem to have had that much luck with, unfortunately the Lavender Ellagance Ice is not looking great. Out of the 24 large plugs only a couple are looking healthy, I think I may have over watered them. I have carried on planting them into my plants and windowboxes regardless, so fingers crossed they regain some life. Raspberries


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  1. Nancy Richards on Sat, 28th Nov 2009 3:29 pm 

    I am finding the birds absolutely ravenous and have been for months. Not interested in peanuts until now but will probably need them now that it is colder – and babies not at danger from them.

    They absolutely love bird-puddings – I don’t hang them though, just fill butter cartons with fat and seeds and they empty them very quickly. Must add the dried fruit – hadn’t thought of that.

    Judging by the number of birds at my bird-tables, I must feed half the bird population of Leominster!

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