Sunday, May 27, 2018

21 Jan

Bird Tables

The snow has at last melted and I have carried out a quick inspection of the garden. Despite my initial fears of everything being lost to the snow I am quite pleased that it is not as bad as I first thought. There have been quite a few casualties along the way but another benefit of using plug plants is that you do get a large quantity of plants so in the event of some losses there are always survivors.

BirdsWe have, of course been feeding the birds throughout the snow and it has been nice to see them in the garden. There are a number of cats in my area and although I would love to get a bird table for the garden I think that this would be far too tempting for the cats. I have had a look at some of the enclosed bird feeders from Garden Bird Supplies which look like the perfect solution but am wondering if the fact that there are cats mulling around is enough to put off any bird despite the banquet of food being served.


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