Saturday, May 26, 2018

07 Feb

Bird Watching

tn_Kids and garden 066Last weekend my son and I took part in the great bird watch weekend and even got the grandparents involved too. After providing a delicious meal for the birds using our Gardn Bird Supplies food we waited in anticipation armed with notepad and pen, binoculars, camera and bird guide book. Our job was to observe for an hour and mark down how many of each variety we saw. tn_Kids and garden 055The lure of the food worked and my son completed his homework recording many blackbirds, blue tits, chaffinchs, magpies, robins, woodpigeons and even a seagull.

We didn’t quite make the hour time-frame as this is a long time for my 5 year old to sit still watching the garden. However, since last weekend he has become very interested in the birds that enter our garden and is now reminding me to feed the birds so that he can see what comes into the garden.

 After feeding the birds today I took some photos of the garden and am really pleased to see so many bulbs coming tn_Kids and garden 082through. I have no idea of what I planted where so we will just have to wait and see what happens over the next few months. The window boxes of violas and wallfowers are doing really well, as are the primroses in their pots.tn_Kids and garden 080tn_Kids and garden 086


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