Sunday, May 27, 2018

04 Dec

Broad Beans

Back in the summer I ordered the All Year Vegetable Collection for a small plot and my first vegetables arrived a few days ago. In my kitchen waiting to be planted are10 rather healthy Broad Bean Aquadulce plug plants.

 Unfortunately, I am not a huge Broad Bean fan but there are 30 small children in my sons class who I know will definately benefit from them. The school has an amazing allotment and a weekly gardening club and each class have their own part of the allotment too.

So some time next week I will be joining 30 eager 5 year olds in planting their new broad beans at the schools allotment.

Ashamedly I still haven’t been out in my garden since the gales a couple of weeks ago and as such the garden is still covered in plant pots. Whether or not I will get time outside this weekend is another matter as we are now in full swing to Christmas in my house and this weekend has been set aside for the Christmas tree, which both me and the kids are exceedingly excited about.


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