Saturday, May 26, 2018

30 Jan

Choices, choices …

Despite the grey, cold days that seem to be afflicting us at the moment, even in the South East, now that February is nearly here is really does seem that Spring is around the corner. The evenings are drawing out and the birds in our garden seem to be singing more energetically. Of course, it could just be that they are trying to attract our attention as they want more Suet Balls putting out for breakfast!

Although the garden looks really sad and colourless, we are now planning our summer borders, hanging baskets and tubs, using our imaginations to ‘see’ how some of the new varieties such as the exciting Black Velvet Petunia will look in our modest garden. At only £14.97 for ten large plug plants it is a bargain anyway!

Black Velvet Petunia

Other varieties of bedding plant we are going to try include Petunia Tumbelina Rosie Ripple (which should make a great contrast with Black Velvet) and the Petunia Double Fantastic Mix for the tubs.

For something really different we are going to try Liatris Spicata which produces beautiful deep pink flower clusters on long, slender stems. It looks very cool and positively architectural!

Liatris Spicata

We thought that we would also try some hedging, such as Copper Beech which has always been a favourite of ours and seems to grow quickly and without too much attention.

The main issue right now is to try not to get carried away – there are just so many colourful new varieties to choose from that (in our enthusiasm to get some colour into the garden) we may end up buying too much. Still, at least we will have a cheerful garden this summer!

Copper Beech


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