Saturday, May 26, 2018

09 Oct

Christmas pressie idea

I have just had a delivery of raspberry plugs. I opted

for the Turbo Charged Raspberry Plug Plants as they come with three different varieties: Malling Promise, Glen Ample and Autumn Bliss. This collection provides a crop of raspberries all summer and autumn.


The children have loved the constant supply of fresh strawberries that we have had for the past four months, so I am really keen to grow raspberries in the garden as well. I think the picture below, sums up the sheer delight my daughter has in picking and eating the strawberries before I get to them. I hope the raspberries go down just as well next summer.


Strawberry Theft

Strawberry Theft

My plug plants should soon be ready to go in the ground, but I am going to leave them an extra week as the dahlia is still flowering and the big begonia is still looking beautiful. I am reluctant to take these out whilst they can still be enjoyed. I just hope the frost doesn’t get to the Dahlia’s before I do.


This weekend, I am going to concentrate on inside the house and do some much needed decorating. This has been completely neglected over the summer as the kids and I have spent so much time in the garden. The challenge is to get the lounge decorated before Christmas which apparently is only 11 weeks away!


Thinking of Christmas, I think I have solved my husband’s yearly dilemma of what to get me as a present. Last year I asked for a compost bin and this year I am going to ask for the ‘All Year Vegetable collection small plot’. I get to do all the work and he gets to reap the benefits!!


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