Sunday, May 27, 2018

24 Sep

Christmas recipes

In between all these rain showers I have finally managed to do some tidying up in the garden and cut the lawn. I am hoping that this might be the final cut till next year.

Every year I seem to try and fail with tomatoes and I don’t know whether to blame it on the climate or on my lack of green fingers. I did manage to produce a couple of red tomatoes but these were as tough as old boots so have ended up on the compost heap. All is not lost though as I do have a few green ones, the plan now is to start thinking about chutney recipes to go with the Christmas dinner.

Talking of Christmas dinners, I am still to unearth one final bag of potatoes so hopefully these will last until December.

And still talking of Christmas I am all set this weekend to go on my traditional sloe berry hunt and start producing some delicious Sloe Gin. Judging on the amount my family, my friends and I devoured on Christmas Eve I am definitely going to ensure that more berries are picked.

Autumn is my favourite season with all the crisp colours that are around, yet I am still pleased to see that there is still an abundance of summer colours in my garden. The purple flowers on the Wintunia are so delicate and pretty and the Begonia Glowing Embers are easing me into Autumn in a very gentle way.


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