Sunday, May 27, 2018

12 Jun

Cuckoo Spit

The glorious weather we had during half term was a fantastic opportunity to finish the planting out. The hanging baskets are now filled and are waiting patiently at the top of the garden ready to eventually take over from the pansies which are still in full bloom. Due to the amazing success that I have had with my pansies I am reluctant to take them down whilst they are giving out such a fantastic display. Luckily I was given, from Gardening Direct, two of their hanging baskets to try. So whilst I am waiting for the summer hanging basket to start blooming I will keep my pansies on show that little bit longer.

The garden is now changing on a daily basis; I really do love this time of year. Much to my surprise the foxgloves have come into flower. I thought that they didn’t flower in their first year so I am rather chuffed to be seeing the pretty pink flowers coming out.

Our strawberries are now starting to grow and the kids are eagerly waiting to harvest them. They are covered in cuckoo spit at the moment which I have since learnt is the froghopper nymph using the plant sap as protection from its predators. Nothing to do with cuckoos afterall!


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