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17 Mar


13th March 2009

My daffodils that I planted a few years ago have finally started coming through so I have declared that Spring has now sprung in my garden. I am really looking forward to getting out in the garden this year although I am a little daunted by the prospect hoping that the ideas I have will blossom. Two years ago I was out in the garden planting and growing on a daily basis as the gardening bug had just hit. Last year, however I barely managed to mow the lawn! Having 2 small children (a 4 year old and a 6 month old) my garden got very neglected but this year I am back with a vengeance and really excited about what I can create. I am unsure if I have missed the opportunity for planting all those seeds that I have stashed in my bottom drawer, so this year I am going to take a different approach and go with plug plants from Gardening Direct.

Like a small kid in a sweetie shop I picked up my Gardening Direct catalogue and wanted everything. I was amazed by their plant varieties and feel very reassured that they are there to help me throughout my planting and growing with whatever queries I can throw at them. And I think that there will be a lot of questions being thrown!!

So, a little bit about my garden. I live in the Home Counties in a typical Victorian terraced house with a long thin city garden. It is west facing which means that the sun moves around the garden throughout the day so most of my beds are part shade part sun. I have a couple of areas that are in full sun all day and I also have a large patio at then end of the garden which has full sun. On my patio I have loads of pots where I hope to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, sweetcorn and peppers. On my first attempt at vegetable gardening I did manage to grow one sweetcorn, two cucumbers and lots of courgettes. Having spent hours sowing seeds, germinating and re potting I was very disappointed in my produce. However, I am much more confident this time round as I have the experts of Gardening Direct behind me and by using plug plants all the early stage nurturing will have already been done for me.

I really want to involve the kids in the garden this year, I am being a tad optimistic if I think my youngest will help but my eldest loves the outdoors and will probably want to help in the herb garden.

Along one side of the garden I have a very tatty fence that despite any efforts of trying to improve my garden the fence always lets it down. Anyway we have finally taken down the tatty fence that has been blowing around in the wind and have a very sturdy new fence being put up in its place. My head is very busy today with ideas of trailing begonias, Sundaville and Sunpatiens.

I shall sign off now, but will be back tomorrow with some pictures of the garden once the new fence is up. Bye for now


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