Sunday, May 27, 2018

18 Oct

Decorating NO, Gardening YES!

The decorating hasn’t really happened as the weather has been too nice and I have spent time in the garden instead. However, I’ve had a very therapeutic afternoon pulling out the old petunia’s and impatiens and planting my plug plants. Today I have put together four pots and added some perennial plants to the borders. The Viola Rose Shades, Primula Denticulata Primrose Alaska Fire Glow Mix, Pansy Spring Dawn, Pansy Frizzle Sizzle White, Daffodil Double Mix and Hyacinth City of Haarlem have all been planted.


I even had enough plug plants to make up a pot for a friends birthday.


The foxgloves were planted last week along with the Little Leo. I used my new slug and snail repellant from Eco Charlie in a bid to keep these pests away from new plants, I had a real battle on my hands in the Spring with slugs and snails eating my newly planted plugs. I’m really pleased with the results of this product, not only does it fit into my way of gardening but it looks good on the garden too.


A week later and the proof is in the pudding….all my plants are intact, not one nibbled leaf!  


Admittedly there are not so many slugs at this time of year, but I still have plenty of snails lurking around still munching on the Dahlia’s. 


Next weekend, weather permitting I am hoping to get my final bed planted with the Iberis Tahoe and Eryngium Planum Blue Hobbit and I am keen to try out the Easi Plant Hanging Basket too with the Antirrhinum Collection.

Eco Charlie


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