Sunday, May 27, 2018

01 Apr

Easter holiday plans

More plants have arrived today which now means I am now the proud owner of Trailing Petunia Easy Wave Mix, Rudbeckia Tiger Eye and Aster Asteroid Mix. As usual the plants have arrived in perfect condition and are now having a refreshing drink of water. I am a little behind in making my newspaper pots so I think I will be spending the long Easter weekend getting these done before the repotting begins on Tuesday.

My garden really is still in desperate need of a few tidying up hours. I know I have been saying this for weeks, but this cold snap we are suddenly having is not enticing me out there one bit. My vegetable plants will soon be arriving so I need to work out where these will be going and clear some space for them. Having had a look at a few sowing guides I think that the kids and I will also start sowing some tomatoes and sweetcorn over the Easter holidays.

The pansies and daffodils that I planted in the autumn are starting to fill the pots and I like the way they work together – this was a tip from one of the readers gardens that I copied.




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