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16 Apr

Easter Holidays

As we are coming to the end of the Easter holidays, I am really disappointed that due to the weather I only managed to get into the garden a couple of times. I am sorry to admit that I am a fair weather gardener! I did however manage to sow some more seeds and have what feels like a ridiculous amount of yoghurt pots fighting for space on the window sills. I have also re-potted the sunflowers into bigger pots and think I may have managed to kill a few off in the process, lucky for me that I sowed all the seeds in the packet.


The potatoes have also been planted in the potato bags and I have covered them with fleece just in case it is too cold at night for them – I am basing this knowledge on what I have read rather than on my extensive gardening experience.


I must thank you guys for all your comments on my blog, it is really nice to hear from you and I really value all your opinions and thoughts. Keep the comments coming!


Something that may be of interest to you for your gardens is the new variegated trailing Petunia Pink Ice with an intriguing history. I am hoping to try it out in my baskets but it is also ideal for containers and window boxes too. This variety features unusual cream variegated foliage and dark veined pink flowers.


And now for the intriguing history part……Back in 1997 Håkon Vangsnes, an avid gardener who owns a campsite in the far north west of Norway discovered a single variegated shoot off a trailing petunia growing on his campsite. Håkon thought the shoot looked interesting so rooted it during the autumn. This plant survived the extremely harsh Norwegian winter with poor light and grew well in the spring so Håkon thought he might have something unusual.


It has been successful in its trials at a specialist UK development nursery, and is now being launched by Gardening Direct.


I will let you know how I get on with these later on in the summer. But in case you can’t wait till then here is a picture of what my hanging baskets will be looking like later on in the summer.Petunia Pink Ice in Hanging Basket


2 Comments on "Easter Holidays"

  1. Anthony Robinson on Wed, 22nd Apr 2009 7:55 am 

    Thank you for your mine of interest.Regarding your SUNSALMON bizzie Lizzies ( may have the name wrong but you know what I mean)

    I have about 12 hanging baskets within which, yes, I do include impatiens with a geranium or fuscia centre piece- the variety of colour is much admired.

    My main question is this:- If I buy 10 of your SUNSALMONS and if each 14″ basket only needs ONE plant, isn’t my patio going to end up with a sameness of colour? Are there any OTHER varieties of colour to match?

    Thank you.

  2. admin on Wed, 22nd Apr 2009 8:09 am 

    Sunpatiens are vigorous so they will fill the top of a hanging basket. That said the Sunsplash Salmon has variegated foliage and salmon coloured flowers so has quite a lot co colour going on. If you take the offer of 10 you could achieve colour variation by using some in planters around the patio also you could plant the tops of your baskets with the Sunpatiens and the bottoms with other mixed plants.

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