Sunday, May 27, 2018

30 Sep

Fighting off Autumn

We have had some beautiful sunshine in the Home Counties today so I was happy to have a wander into the garden, if only to hang the washing out!!

I am still amazed at the colour I have in the garden, the Sunpatiens Sunsplash White still look amazing planted next to the Rudbeckia Tiger Eye. I decided to cut down the sunflowers before they died in the garden and am now displaying these gorgeous flowers inside in a vase. Like last year I will be saving the seeds so that they can be used in next years garden.

My tomatoes are finally turning red, they may be small but I am pleased that they are finally beginning to ripen. They are in a grow house at the top of the garden but every time I walk up the garden I seem to get a mouthful of cobweb. I seem to have hundreds of spiders around at the moment, the webs are glorious in the morning but it is such a horrible feeling when you forget to duck and end up walking straight into one.

I still haven’t got round to planting the spring bulbs and these will now have to wait another week as I have more pressing matters in hand such as a quick weekend break to the south of France in search of some final blissful rays of sun before I really do declare to myself that we are now in Autumn.


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