Saturday, May 26, 2018

05 Jun

Finished planting

The glorious weather has been perfect for me and I have managed to get almost all of my plugs in their final resting places. It has taken a couple of weeks to complete but I have almost finished.


I was wondering how I would be able to incorporate half term with the children and planting in excess of 400 plants but we managed it, mainly thanks to the glorious weather and the need to be outside playing in the garden.


Petunia Harmony

Petunia Harmony

The Petunia Harmony and Begonia Devil Red are in the window boxes, Fuchsia Blacky is in one of the hanging baskets and the Trailing Begonia Illumination Apricot is in the other. Also in pots are the strawberries, tomatoes, Surfinia Petunia Blue Vein, Ivy Geranium Happy Face, Dahlia Firework, Big Begonias and Sundaville. In the beds I have planted the Thunbergia African sunset and Chocolate Cosmos.


I also received in the post a patio collection of herbs and vegetables. From the herb collection I now have basil, chives, parsley, thyme and coriander which I have planted next to each other in a long pot and in the vegetable collection I have

Big Begonia

Big Begonia

courgette, tomatoes, sweet pepper, chilli pepper and runner beans. These have been planted in a grow bag, mainly due to lack of pots and the ease of a grow bag. I have to say that I am a little dubious that one plant of each (in particular the tomatoes and courgettes) will keep a family of four going over the summer months but this collection is designed for people who have a similar amount of space for vegetables to me so we will just wait and see. I have also planted 5 of my own courgette plants that I managed to grow from seed and some more tomato plants that I was given after the failure of my own seedlings.




I have also planted some carrots, peas, rocket, lettuce and sweetcorn and so far with the exception of the sweetcorn all are doing very well. I read a tip about turning a grow bag on its side giving it the right amount of depth to plant your carrots, well I have done this but don’t think it is going to be all that successful. Each time we have a rain shower the weight of the soil and the force of gravity means that I now have a very lopsided grow bag and carrots that are trying to grow in all different positions, vertical and horizontal! In principal the idea was fantastic as I had the perfect place for the carrots, but I don’t think I will be growing any show carrots this year.

Potted Basket

Potted Basket

But as long as they are edible I don’t really care what they look like.


The strawberries that I planted 3 years ago are bearing fruit and despite their previous years neglect are flourishing well with all the care and attention (and regular feeding) that they are receiving.

I have lost a couple of flowering plants to the slugs and a couple of my pea plants got nibbled at by the birds but so far everything is going well in the garden.


Not bad for a beginner!


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