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05 Apr

Fruity Questions?

I have suddenfirst set of seedsly realised that it is April and I haven’t sown a single vegetable seed yet.

So I have chosen to grow from seed some tomatoes, runner beans, cucumbers and sweetcorn and think I may need to buy some more courgette seeds as I had huge success with these vegetables two years ago. The seeds have now been planted and have taken over a sunny corner of the bedroom floor. I have potatoes happily chitting away on the sideboard in the dining room too. I think my house is turning into a green house again!

The sunflowers are doing really well on the windowsills and we have a number of shoots emerging. sunflowersI am not sure what to do once they start getting too tall for their pots. I need to do some research on this. Do I re-pot into bigger pots or put straight out into the garden with some supports?

The title of this week’s blog is Fruity Questions and here is why! I need some help regarding a spthe bare patchace that was once home to a Pampas Grass. With its razor sharp leaves I decided that it had no place in a garden with two small children so it was removed and a bare patch of soil was left. This patch of soil is at the corner of the lawn next to the patio and is often shaded by the house. But the other-side of the fence does get the early morning sunshine so there could be some sunshine above the fence. The soil I think is a neutral ph.

Over the past couple of months I have been swaying with a few differing tree ideas. The reason I am choosing a tree rather than a flower bed is that my neighbours upstairs window looks directly onto our garden and it would be nice if we could have something that helps to block their view.

I was originally hoping for a fruit tree, namely an apple tree. But after some quick internet research I ruled this option out as I concluded that I would need to have 2 trees for successful pollination. However, I have recently read that in urban areas this is not necessarily important. So after ruling this out I have now put it back on the list but need to seek further advice. My other thought was for a cherry tree.

If anyone reading is able to help I would very much welcome any advice. In summary I would like a fruit tree that copes well in the shade and has a maximum height of 7 / 8 feet.


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  1. Jean Lewis on Fri, 17th Apr 2009 11:45 pm 

    We have a cherry tree; that has been happy in the shade for years. We have had it for so long; that I can’t remeber it’s name. It has white flowers and bears red fruit; that are ready for eating, not a morelo; that you need to cook. All I can sugest is you look at the tree tags for one; that shows red eating eating cherries.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Valeriel on Sat, 18th Apr 2009 5:54 am 

    There are several apple trees that have been grafted to produce two or even three varieties on one tree and are on an extra dwarf root stock but I would steer clear of cherry trees as even the dwarf stock does not always produce a tree under 8 foot – be careful of companies selling them as ‘patio’ trees unless you intend to pot it otherwise you will be forever pruning.
    The main problem with the position you have chosen is the shade and pollination may be a problem, depending how high the fence is.
    The other option would be to have something like a thornless blackberry that is potted and trained on a large fan trellis, I have done this in a shaded area and it reached 7 feet in the first year and produced nearly three pounds of fruit! happy gardening

  3. Jan Butler on Sat, 18th Apr 2009 8:29 am 

    Apple trees spread! Would recommend a plum tree. Lovely leaves and fruit but they dont take over and their root spread isn’t as bad.

  4. sue on Sat, 18th Apr 2009 8:45 am 

    Why not think about a crab apple tree MALUS, you have blosom in the spring and in the autum have colourful fruits that you can make into apple jelly.
    Malus ‘John Downie’ Malus x robusta ‘Red Siberian’ Malus floribunda to name but a few. There are loads to choose from.

  5. barbara on Sat, 18th Apr 2009 9:56 am 

    I bought a weeping cherry 9 years ago to plant for my husband as a memento and it was about 8 feet tall when I planted it and it is almost the same height now, all the growth has gone into the cascading branches and looks a picture when in flower, which it will be in another week or so. It looks ornamental all the year round and I am very pleased with it

  6. Anthony Milne on Tue, 21st Apr 2009 4:02 pm 


    I would recommend a James Grieve which is a self pollinator, relatively disease resistant and produces lots of delicious fruit. Choose your root stock to suit the space you have but for a small garden you would probably be looking at an M9 rootstock.



  7. John Blood on Sat, 16th May 2009 7:50 am 

    two years ago I bought a dual plumb tree I did not get any fruit last year and up to now may 16th 2009 I have not even got any leaves is this tree ok

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