Sunday, May 27, 2018

19 Sep

Gardening Direct on BBC Radio Essex

What a lovely day it has been here in the Home Counties, and a perfect day for potting up all the plug plants that I’ve received over the past couple of days.


Being able to snatch a couple of hours all to myself, I armed myself with my radio and my plugs and headed off to the bottom of the garden and set to work. Tony Milne, one of the many horticultural experts at Gardening Direct was being interviewed on BBC Radio Essex and successfully answered many of the gardening questions thrown at him by the listeners.


I now know why my tomatoes haven’t ripened so far this year, and I can blame it all on the weather. Luckily I haven’t had any problems with blight but it was nice to hear Ken Crowther admit that even the experts too, were having problems with their tomatoes.


As for my dahlias, I presumed that these would die off over the winter, however after listening to Tony Milne I learnt that after the first frost I can lift them and store the tubers over the winter. They also spoke briefly about lawns and after the work I did on mine last week, I was very interested to hear their recommendations and other care tips. Ken Crowther recommended a lawn top dressing followed by over-seeding. So far that is two more jobs to add to my ever increasing Autumn garden list.  At least one job I can take off the list is pruning the lilac tree as Tony Milne answered a question about lilac trees and their dislike for pruning on a regular basis.


I also learnt a lot about foraging and was surprised to hear from a foraging expert, that foraging for berries would appear to be on the decline. I will leave this topic till my next blog as I am off to forage for some sloe berries tomorrow! Tony Milne even gives you a great tip on how to collect the apples at the top of an apple tree which did make me laugh.


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