Saturday, May 26, 2018

28 Dec

Gardening in the Big Thaw

Finally today (December 28) I started to see green in my garden after nearly two weeks of thick snow. The Big Thaw has started and everything is dripping and soggy.

Touring the garden it seems that it has weathered the snow and cold quite well although there are signs that some of the fencing has taken a battering and will need replacing.

Most of my patio plants seem to have survived which, considering temperatures dropped to minus 10 degrees one night is most heartening, particularly as I did not wrap any of them in fleece material as I should have done. Early December seemed to flash by and before I could get the fleece out the snow had arrived.

Happily my favourite Skimmia Rubella shrub in a pot has survived and even looks quite perky which is extraordinary in the circumstances.

Gardening Direct Skimmia Rubella

And our new Viburnum tinus Ladybird in a planter (a recent gift) seems to be coping with the low temperatures.

Viburnum tinus

Even the birds seem to be chirpy again now the snow has gone. The Ultiva Gold mix feed we have been putting out each day seems to have gone down well and our usual bird ‘neighbours’ seem to be up and about with no obvious ill-effects after the snow.

Now we can see the garden again we have been inspired to start planning our garden and allotment for next spring.

Magazines and websites  list lots of Things To Be Done in the Garden in December but somehow cruising the web for new fruit varieties to try in 2011 seems so much more appealing than scrubbing seed trays or covering clumps of rhubarb at the allotment with buckets or terracotta pots to force early stems!

So here’s to 2011 and the return of spring! A Happy Gardening New Year.


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