Sunday, May 27, 2018

06 Jan

Its snow time!

tn_Snow fun 002I love the way everything looks so calm and pretty on the first day with snow but I know that once the big thaw occurs the garden will look drastically different and I am not looking forward to it.

The snow we had just before Christmas left my garden a bit worse for wear. Despite my best attempts to clear snow off a lot of the plants only the primroses really came out unscathed. Some of the violas have suffered badly whilst others are thriving. The window boxes homing some of the violas and wall flowers are looking particularly good but the hanging basket with the pansies aren’t faring so well. I don’t think my raspberries have survived but am unsure if that is down to the cat or the snow as they have just completely disappeared.tn_Snow fun 005

With two children I am finding it hard to spend as much time in the garden over the winter months as I did throughout the summer. I did however spend a very enjoyable hour in the garden with the kids today making a snow woman which we are very proud of.tn_Snow fun 024


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