Sunday, May 27, 2018

22 Oct

It’s the Big Tidy!

Geranium Flower Fairy White Splash

Sadly I cannot put it off any longer and this weekend (with the help of the kids) I am going to have a massive tidy-up in the garden. And the shed which looks a real mess right now with mucky plant pots, old plant tags and half-used compost bags.

I have been doing my homework and am going to be organised about it – raking the leaves off the lawn,  trimming off dead  branches etc from our trees and generally getting the garden ready for the winter.

Next year I am going to sort out our lawn and get rid of the moss, ‘bald’ patches and anthing else that stops it being a a perfect, smooth patch of green. On second thoughts, I do not want to get rid of the kids!

I plan to bring my tubs of geraniums indoors as they have been so beautiful all summer that I want to keep them for next year. One of my favourites is Geranium Flower Fairy White Splash which I absolutely love. I am not sure where i am going to put all the tubs but I am determined to make space for them.

With the clocks changing next weekend I need to get on with the Big Tidy this weekend so am keeping my figures crossed for good, dry weather.


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