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17 Mar

Lazy sunny Sunday morning

Sunday 15th March

We had a perfect lazy sunny Sunday morning here in the Home Counties and provided a great opportunity to start thinking about the layout for planting in my garden. With that in mind I armed myself with a coffee, a notepad and a computer and set to work.

Putting plants in their right location has always been an area that I have failed at before. So this time I thought I would sit down first before the plants arrive and think through my plans carefully and learn more about planting and the preparation.

I think that through lack of experience and a lot of impulse buying at garden centres my garden has always had a very short life span, usually only a couple of weeks (but it did look lovely for those two weeks!). My problem mainly falls in not thinking about where the plants will flourish the most.

This is what I loved about the Gardening Direct website, for the first time I have been able to work out which plants are suitable to which areas of my garden. It is perfect for a novice like me and has helped me work out which plants can tolerate shade, partial shade and full sun. I think I am now also on the way to working out which plants will be best in my window boxes and hanging baskets. Suddenly I feel that armed with the right tools and advice my gardening hobby will cherish hugely.

So I have now made a rough draft of where to plant the plug plants once they are ready to go in the garden. The vegetables are fairly easy to consider as the majority of them will be planted in containers which will be placed on the patio at the end of the garden. I have even recycled my old dustbin to grow some sweetcorn!
But before any planting commences I first need to tidy up the flower beds and remove the assortment of toys that have found themselves lurking under a couple of bushes. My compost which I have been ‘making’ for two years can finally be put to use. I will also need to stock up on some multi purpose compost and probably some more seed trays as I doubt the ones that got put in the corner of the shed two years ago have survived. So now when the plug plants arrive I should be ready to re pot them, nurture them and then finally plant them out into the garden. I feel like a small child waiting for Christmas, its amazing what a little bit of help and advice can achieve!


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