Saturday, May 26, 2018

25 Apr

My new veg patch

It’s been a busy week of planting, planting and more planting and I now have a very full and happy greenhouse.

I am a bit of a lawn lover and did the first cut last week, I absolutely love the sound around the neighbourhood of all the mowers coming out of their winter storage for the first time and doing the first cut. It is one of those things, along with the smell of the first bar-be-que that really makes me feel summer is not too far away.

In an ideal world I would prefer to have more lawn than beds as there is nothing nicer than watching the kids playing in the garden kicking a football around. So I quite surprised myself last week when I started digging a small vegetable patch near to the fence.

Since starting this blog a year ago as a novice gardener, my enthusiasm for gardening has been transformed to the point that I am now digging up my precious lawn in the name of vegetables. But where else would I be able to home my runner beans, beetroot and salad onions?


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