Saturday, May 26, 2018

01 Feb

New home, new garden

New home, new garden

Having recently moved into our new home we have finally finished unpacking the boxes and our attention is now turning to garden.

As you will see from the picture we have inherited a completely blank canvas a part from a compost heap in need of attention and one scrappy bed.

One of the first jobs will be to clean the decking which is very slippery and has nearly caused several nasty accidents. Husband has seen this as an opportunity to purchase another power tool in the form of a  Karcher power washer.

I have spent several evenings pouring over the gardening direct catalogue and website planning what to plant in my new garden. The quickest way to brighten up the garden will be to plant some tubs and containers.

With part of the decking in shade for much of the day I will be in need of some shade loving plants so I’m thinking of trying out the Busy Lizzie New Guinea Devine. 

I am also planning on purchasing some shrubs to inject some live into the garden.

Our previous garden was visited by numerous cats which meant we didn’t see many birds in the garden. This year the kids were keen to get involved with garden bird watch. This weekend we hung up our bird feeder filled with the Ultiva Gold bird seed.

 We had made sure to purchase a squirrel resistant feeder as we have several friendly squirrels who visit the garden,  we  went  for the barrel seed feeder. During our hour of bird watching the feeder was visited by a robin, a blue tit, several starlings and a blackbird. We had a rather closer encounter with a wood pigeon after one rather stupid pigeon got stuck in the chimney. Pigeon is now free and unharmed!


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