Sunday, May 27, 2018

28 Jan

Planning ahead

I have just ordered my spring plug plants from Gardening Direct’s Spring 2010 catalogue and it has really put a smile on my face. It has been so nicetn_garden-065 planning the garden inside a warm house whilst outside it is still so bitterly cold. Having been blown away with how wonderful my garden looked last year I am so excited about using plug plants for my second summer.

Following on from last years successes I have ordered Gardening Direct’s Begonias, Impatiens, Petunias and Geraniums. I am trying out Verbanas, Marigolds and Lobelias for the first time along with the Echinacea Collection, which are a collection of bee loving plants.

Looking through the catalogue and planning the garden for the summer months certainly proved a successful task for me in brightening my gardening spirit through all this cold weather.  I am probably more excited about the garden this year than I was last year as I know what to expect in terms of how easy it is to grow the plug plants on. Knowing that even I can have huge successes with the plants does make it significantly easier to plan the garden.

My pictures of the garden last year have really reminded me of how beautiful it did look.Petunias


I have also ordered the Potato Successional Collection as I loved the taste of my homegrowns last year but unfortunately didn’t quite get to grips with the whole 1st Early, 2nd Early and Main Crops system. So yet again I am going to use Gardening Directs expertise completely to my advantage and take full credit for all of my successes!


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