Saturday, May 26, 2018

11 Mar

Plantfest – the beginning!

I am very excited as ‘Plantfest’ has begun again, I am like a small child on my birthday waiting for the postman.

Today my postman delivered me 42 healthy Geranium St George which means tonight I need to make 42 of my eco newspaper pots for them to be replanted into. I am hoping that these newspaper pots will help speed up the whole repotting process and planting process and rid my garden of the numerous plastic pots that I am still finding scattered around hiding under bushes.

As the planting season starts to get underway Gardening Direct are supporting Thrive with donation of seeds for a BeanFest national competition. The bean seeds have been distributed to groups of people that Thrive work with including garden projects that work with disabled people and people affected by stroke or heart disease across the UK.

If you work with disabled people or are disabled yourself and would like to enter this competition, please call Thrive on 0118 988 5688 for your two free packets of bean seeds and the competition guidelines.

And finally….In response to a recent report on carrot and beetroot plug plants, Gardening Direct are giving all customers who ordered carrots and beetroot plug plants the plants for free and offering them free P&P on any top up orders from their March catalogue.


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