Sunday, May 27, 2018

27 May

Planting and harvesting

Heres hoping that the sun we had over the weekend will come back soon as I had a lovely time pottering around in the garden with the kids. The Petunia Debonair Dusty Rose looks absolutely stunning in the grey pot I bought for it. I have also planted some of the Petunia Lime Bicolour into a terrecota pot and I can’t wait for this one to start flowering.

I started harvesting the lettuce leaves the other day and had a delicious cheese and salad sandwich using my freshly baked bread, simply delicious! Now I just need to wait a few more weeks for the tomatoes to join the sandwich.

The runner beans are extremely thirsty and after one day of forgetfullness I thought I had lost a couple of plants. Luckily a good drenching has bought them back from the brink and now they are growing well up against the fence.

Three out of the five Thunbergia plants are now out of the growhouse and in a large pot at the top of the garden. The empty flower pot that is also planted is to make watering easier. This plant is such a vigorous climber that it should eventually climb up and over the shed. I had so much success with this plant last year that I just had to have it in the garden again. I still have 2 more plants in the growhouse and just need to decide where to put them in the garden.


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