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27 Apr

Plug Plants have arrived

Last week was such a lovely glorious week and I was out in the garden with the kids every day. But dare I say that I am slightly thankful for the rain today (in a watering the garden kind of way!)  


It was also a very exciting week in that my plug plants started arriving and arriving….. and arriving. My garden is soon to be the very proud owner of Impatien Optima Mix, Bergonia Devil Red, Begonia Big (I am so excited about this one growing seeing the size of the leaves on it already), the exclusive Petunia Harmony, Dahlia Firework and Thunbergia African Sunset which is new for 2009.

Begonia Big

Begonia Big

The first two packages arrived on Wednesday last week and like a very excited kid I couldn’t wait to open up the box and inspect my new babies. As per their instructions I left them in a tray of water until the compost was moist and then let them rest for 24 hours after their journey before re-potting them. On Thursday my next two packages arrived, so again I stood these in a tray of water to moisten the compost whilst I got to work on the Petunia and Impatien’s that had arrived the day before.

Plugs arriving


The re-potting was a little bit fiddly to begin with, but I did manage to develop my own bizarre technique using a potato peeler (I needed something with a thin pointed end to scoop the plants out without damaging any of their roots).  I managed to re-pot all 84 plug plants within the hour.


Onion Sets

Onion Sets

Friday and Saturday were spent doing similar things and now all the plants have been re-potted and are sat ready and waiting until planting out time in about 3 weeks. It pleases me to say that I have had a lot of envious looks from friends who have seen the amount of healthy looking plants I have waiting to go in the garden. Who am I to dispel their belief that I have been growing these plants from seed.  I have even managed to get my Dad to have a go at using plug plants for the first time too. He has a few more ‘gardening years’ on me so I will let you know whose plants bloom the best!!


My vegetable seedlings are coming on well too and I hope are ready to leave my bedroom floor and take up home in my new growhouse. My strawberry plants have started to flower which has amazed me as they were so neglected last year. I am gob-smacked they are willing to give me a second chance. The onion sets are sprouting nicely and the netting I put over them has successfully kept the cats away. One of my main irritants in the garden is the cats using any bit of freshly dug soil, be it the flower bed or flower pot’s as their litter tray. Thankfully my sonic cat repeller does seem to be doing the trick in deterring them away from my garden this year.


I am off to visit Gardening Directs nursery on Wednesday which I am very excited about. I think it will be an inspiring and educational trip seeing where my plants started off and hopefully they might be able to give me a few tips and ideas on my own garden success!


Thank you all for your invaluable advice on my fruit tree quandary, I got a bit side tracked with the arrival of the plug plants arrival so haven’t yet made a decision. It is top of my to-do list for this week though.

Potted Plug Plants

Potted Plug Plants




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  1. WL WOOD on Mon, 11th May 2009 6:50 pm 

    To get plugs out of their tiny “pots” the best and least damaging method i to poke short length of wooden dowel with blunt ends through the hole in the bottom of each “pot”. No damage to roots at all.



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