Saturday, May 26, 2018

31 May

Reflections on Chelsea

Sweet Dream Rose Bush - 17cm Pot 

Sweet Dreams Patio Rose

I have really enjoyed watching the Chelsea coverage this year there were some absolutely stunning gardens. As someone who originally comes from Leeds I loved the city of Leeds Garden.  It took me back to my childhood going down to the many parks in the city where you would see a wonderful array of plants growing from bedding plants to fantastic trees.

Ideas I’m going to take from Chelsea this year include planting vegetables alongside flowers as seen in the Bunny Guinness garden. As my daughter is keen on bugs and all things crawly (this weekend she announced she was going to be a bug scientist when she grows up!) We have already started planting flowers and shrubs that attract insects and butterflies. Watching Chelsea has given me even more ideas.

One of the flowers I always like to see at Chelsea is the rose they always look absolutely stunning. I don’t think any English garden would be complete without a rose.  My Sweet Dreams rose is starting to put on grow and I’m looking forward to the wonderful fragrant flowers coming in the summer months.

It is not often you cheers for rain on a Bank Holiday Monday but as we were sat in doors enjoying a meal with friends which include fresh herbs from the garden the heavens opened. At last my garden received a good drenching of water something that it has sadly lacked in the last few months.

Stepping out into the garden this morning the rain has done the garden a world of good. The geraniums and cosmos are now coming into bud and will be in flower any day soon. The black petunias are now looking stunning in pots outside the front door providing a striking and unusual display.

The pumpkins seem to be growing noticeably day by day my daughter is convinced it is because she is talking to them!


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