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Seven fascinating and unique gardens

It goes without saying that not all gardens are rectangular in shape and located in front of, or behind, a house.

In a bid to provide you with some inspiration, or simply to entertain you for a few moments, we’ve picked out a few examples of green plots that are far from traditional.

The Crater Garden

Crater garden 2

During World War I and II, it was quite common to see Victory Gardens being created around the world. As well as boosting morale amongst communities, the upkeep of such allotments helped ease the burden on the regular supply chains of fruit and vegetables during such drastic and rationed times. The photo above shows a Victory Garden of the more unique variety, in that it was actually located in a bomb crater; built in London in 1942 by a Mr and Mrs Hale. Some video footage of the crater garden can be found here

Making Crack gardens

Crack garden blooming

A winner at the 2009 ASLA Awards, the Crack Garden by CMG Landscape Architecture is a cost effective way to introduce greenery to expanses of concrete, introduced by way of jackhammered cracks in the ground. Says CMG of the project:

“Inspired by the tenacious plants that pioneer the tiny cracks of the urban landscape, the formal rows of this garden create order amongst the random and mixed planting of herbs, vegetables, strange flowers and rogue weeds.”
Full marks for ingenuity. 

The Skyscraper Roof Garden

Skyscraper garden 1
Skyscraper garden 2

Located in Fukoka, Japan, the ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall is home to one of the world’s most striking roof gardens — in fact so much of the enormous building is covered with greenery that to describe it as such could be seen as a disservice. 

“A staircase-shaped rooftop garden was adopted. Regarding the building as a mountain, and with the beauties of nature as a theme, a space configuration and vegetation configuration was adopted which represents the changes of the four seasons.”

Thankfully, the rooftop garden is a growing trend amongst architects. Many spectacular examples can be seen at  Green Roofs.  

 The Skip Garden  

As part of designer Oliver Bishop-Young‘s “Skip Conversion” series in 2008, he transformed the above skip into a small garden.

He reasoning was as follows:

“Many flats have no garden or outside space whatsoever. A skip can provide that space and by filling it with waste rubble and garden material you can have a vegetable patch, flower bed or lawn on your doorstep.”

Just a year later, an unrelated project opened in London to much positive reaction, named the King’s Cross Skip Garden:

Kings Cross Skip Garden

As you can see, it’s a self-sustaining, movable vegetable garden consisting of a series of modified skips. According to the organisers:

“As different areas in King’s Cross Central are developed, the skips will be moved to new locations and continue to produce their harvest of vegetables.”

A fantastic project.  

 The Freight Container Roof Garden


Freight container roof garden

The company Green Roof Shelters supply, unsurprisingly, a variety of containers for all manner of purposes including:

“…outdoor classrooms, bicycle shelters, outdoor exhibition spaces, supermarket trolley stores…”  

 However in a bid to introduce more greenery to urban areas, no matter what the occasion, all the containers have one thing in common: a fantastic rooftop garden.

 The Bus Shelter Garden


Even bus shelters are suddenly targets for some green-fingered designers. Above are just two examples: the first spotted in Toronto and apparently put in place by local guerrilla gardeners; the second installed as part of Brisbane’s “I Am Growing” campaign in 2010.Never has a bus stop looked so inviting.


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  1. Aidan on Wed, 9th Mar 2011 2:10 am 

    The ‘I am growing’ campaign described I the bus shelter photo is the slogan for the Wintergarden shopping center redevelopment in Brisbanes CBD

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