Saturday, May 26, 2018

24 Mar

Spring is finally here

Last weekend the sun game out and I spent the first full day in the garden. I pruned back one of the few shrubs in the garden and found a label saying it was a evergreen lilac. Sadly the leaves turned brown during the cold snap but I am hoping that the small green shoots may mean it will come back again this summer.

My daughter is keen to have her own patch of garden so we have dug a small bed in a sunny part of the garden. She is now eagerly awaiting her first delivery of plants, she is particularly looking forward to the Echincea Pow Wow Wild Berry. She loves flowers with bright colours and is keen to attract butterflies into the garden.

We are all looking forward to the delivery of out potato kit, there really is nothing like the taste of home grown veg.

We sowed our first seeds this weekend. We have turned a large empty yoghurt pot into a mini propagator.  We filled the empty pot with compost and then sowed the basil seeds and replace the plastic lid. Fingers crossed we’ll have created the perfect window sill propagato


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